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"Our mission is to provide high quality care for our patients and their owners at all times"

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No hospital would be complete without a ward for it's in-patients. Unlike a human hospital we use stainless steel kennels for our patients which we find easy to keep clean and disinfected. Heated pads and vetbeds are used for comfort. Cats have litter trays and dogs have access to an indoor run or are walked on the hospital grounds for fresh air also.


Recovery kennels are used for the intensive care or animals that are very sick or recovering from major surgery. Intravenous drips are used to maintain fluid intake and infrared lamps to keep these animals warm.


A range of diets including specialist products for specific health problems are used. Feeding tubes are useful for those animals unable to eat. We have a dedicated ward nurse responsible for the care of both day patients and in-patients day and night. Progress is logged on daily hospitalisation charts with a routine for feeding, exercise and treatment.


We have facilities for visiting and this is something that we find helpful for pets requiring long term hospital care. An isolation ward is used for animals suffering form infectious disesaes that require hospitalisation. Both wards benefit from air conditioning for warmth in the winter and to keep cool in the summer.



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