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"Our mission is to provide high quality care for our patients and their owners at all times"

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This is literally the "preparation" room. This is where patients are prepared for surgery, although it is used for many other procedures also and forms the hub of the treatment area in this hospital. The operating theatre, wards, dentistry, radiography and sterilisation areas all lead off the prep room. The wall to the operating theatre is glass to improve light and observation of patients.


Most animals are anaesthetised here before being clipped up to go into the aseptic operating theatre. Dirty, diagnostic and minor surgical procedures may be safely carried out in the prep room. The tub table can be used when a patient needs to be washed off. The two anaesthetic machines are mounted on a central pillar with power and gas supplies to avoid trailing cables and hoses. Most instruments are stored in the prep room. A wipe board lists the patients and procedures for the day.


There is always something going on in the Prep room - it may be an endoscopic examination or enema, a biopsy or blood sample! Several nurses each day are allocated to work in this room.

Prep room


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