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"Our mission is to provide high quality care for our patients and their owners at all times"

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At first glance, the Practice Nurse room appears very similar to our 3 other consulting rooms but also has some additional features which reflect its main uses.


Primarily, the room is used by our qualified nurses when undertaking their own consultations with clients. This is often to discuss nutrition either at the different stages of a pet's life or to counsel an owner who needs to change their pet's diet during the management of a specific illness or disease. Consequently, the room is stocked with leaflets and reference manuals relating to nutrition and general patient care. There is also a set of platform walk on scales for accurately measuring the patient's bodyweight. You may also be taken into this room if you are visiting your pet during his/her stay at the hospital or are collecting them following surgery.


The nurses might use our Doppler machine for checking your cat’s blood pressure in here and carry out minor procedures as well as running the various clinics in this room. You might like to view your pet’s computerised x-rays on the computer in here at the time of discharge. We also aim, if possible, to use this room when an animal is being put to sleep as it provides a comfortable area for a client to spend private time with their pet.


Finally, as it may also be necessary for the veterinary surgeons to use this area when seeing emergency appointments, the room also contains a range of simple pieces of equipment such as needles, syringes, and a stethoscope and scissors so that they are readily available if needed.

Practice Nurse room


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