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"Our mission is to provide high quality care for our patients and their owners at all times"

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The operating theatre is a "dead end" closed to through traffic of staff, unlike the prep room. The walls and surfaces are bare so that it can be thoroughly cleaned each day after use. These measures help to prevent post operative infections, which we find are comparatively rare as a result. The wall to prep room is floor to ceiling glass to improve observation and communication.


Sterile packs of instruments and sutures are taken into the theatre each day. Surgeons always wear operating gowns to help prevent patient contamination along with hats and masks to maintain asepsis. We use sterile surgical gloves, after scrubbing up in the scrub area with sink and elbow taps.


Fresh air is filtered into the theatre and then forced out so that fluff and bacteria are not sucked in from other rooms.


Various pieces of anaesthetic monitoring equipment are used in theatre to reduce any risk to the patient of general anaesthesia. Anaesthetic gasses are piped into the theatre along with pressurised air to operate orthopaedic drills.


The heated, multi-adjustable operating tables are thermostatically controlled and lit by large overhead operating lights. For very fine procedures we have an operating microscope.

Operating theatre


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