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"Our mission is to provide high quality care for our patients and their owners at all times"

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Unlike your GP we will normally both prescribe and dispense the medications necessary to treat your pet. We carry a large stock of medicines in lots of different forms: tablets, capsules, liquid medicines, powders and pastes administered by mouth; drops and ointments for eyes and ears; shampoos, creams and gels for the skin; injections and intravenous infusions for use at the hospital.


We appreciate that not all pets like their medicine (even with a "spoonful of sugar") and try and make this as easy for you as possible. We mostly use drugs that have a Veterinary Product License - that is they have been fully tested in animals as regards their safety and efficacy. Occasionally we have to use a human product if there is no veterinary equivalent. The result can be 1/8th tablet per day to a cat. Although we have deliveries 3 times a week, we will sometimes issue you a prescription for a human drug to take to a pharmacist.


The dispensary is fully computerised so that a record of all of your pet's treatment is always available. The computer prints clear labels with instructions for you and the trained nurses will run through the directions with you, also.


Prescription only medicines can only be dispensed for use in animals under our care, by law. Therefore if we have not seen your pet for a considerable amount of time we may not be able to dispense a medicine without a check up first, to make sure that it is appropriate. This is for you and your pet's own protection. For pets on long term medication we issue Prescription Cards to make repeat prescriptions available to clients.



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